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My name is Steve Marks, maker of custom, hand crafted electric and steel string acoustic guitars. I make the kind of guitars that I enjoy playing; this gives me a personal bond with every instrument I make. In fact, before an instrument leaves my shop, I have played it for many hours. I want to give the instrument enough time to settle in, enough time for me to fine tune it for excellent playability, and enough time for me to enjoy it some before sending it out into the world.

To find out more about my guitars, and my approach, goals, and objectives in making them, choose from the menu at the top of this page.

If you want to find out more about my guitars, talk about purchasing your very own JeSt guitar, or just want to say howdy, drop me a note at: smarks@jestguitars.com


A Word About My Web Site

I built this web site myself using a software tool called WebPlus X4. There are several “features” that are either related to either my ineptitude or the software’s limitations. First of all, I own the content, so if you find typos, or things which are obviously idiotic, those are mine, and if you could drop me a line letting me know, I would greatly appreciate it. The primary limitations of the software that I know of, at least in how I know how to implement it, are:

Again, if you find this excessively annoying, or impossible let me know, and I will try to figure out another method for navigation. If your computer blows up, I take no responsibility since I warned you.