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What’s New at JeSt Guitars?


I will use this section to talk about new projects that represent something new and different.


I am currently featuring a discussion of my development of a new chile themed acoustic guitar. Sounds weird, right? I was skeptical at first as well. But I am quite pleased with how things have developed. To read in detail about the development of the prototype, refer to Chile 1, which is now complete. I have started version 2 of this guitar, which will incorporate a number of improvements and lessons learned from the first version. This project has been slow going, partly because of some difficulties, and partly because I have been distracted by other projects, but I will post details later after making more progress.


One of the projects that has interrupted completion of Chile 2 is a new electric guitar that has been recently completed and delivered to a happy customer. This is a semi-hollow guitar that I have named Star. I have always admired the old Fender Starcaster. Although you may not recognize a Starcaster in the design, that is where I started. When my new client, Mark Kenward wanted to commission me to make a semi-hollow guitar, I gladly took the opportunity to try something new.