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Details About Purchasing a JeSt Guitar


I make guitars because I love doing it. There is obviously a limit to how many I can or should keep for myself (my wife still doesn’t understand why I need more than one). So I choose to sell most of the guitars I make. Since I make so few guitars, I tend to be choosey about who I want to sell to. I want to feel good about who is playing my guitars. I don’t have a price list; my pricing structure is flexible and based upon a few basic principles:


I will from time to time post guitars in my inventory that I am willing to sell. Some of the guitars pictured in my photo gallery are ones that I have kept for myself. If you see something you like in my photo gallery, let me know. If it is one I own, I may be willing to sell it. Otherwise, I can certainly make something like it for you. If you have something else in mind, I may be able and willing to make that as well.


I believe that I can offer an excellent value for a custom, hand crafted guitar. However, please keep in mind that these are custom, hand crafted guitars. If you want a cheap guitar, please go to your local Guitar Center; I make no attempt to compete with them. However, my prices are very competitive with the high end factory models, and you will be the only person on your block with a JeSt guitar.


If you want to talk about how to get a custom JeSt guitar, drop me a line at smarks@jestguitars.com.