Photo Gallery

Welcome to a photo gallery of the guitars I have built. The images below and those in the individual guitar descriptions are limited by my photographic skills. Trust me, the guitars look better in person. The guitars are referenced by their serial number. I would like to have a more creative way of naming them, maybe after Greek gods, pro wrestlers, super models, or cosmic events, but have given up on this for now.


Click on any of the links below to learn more about a particular guitar.


This is my first acoustic model. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out.



This is one of my first electrics. This is a telecaster inspired instrument with lots of electronics.



Another telecaster inspired guitar. This has a modified shape and is constructed in the manner of a flat top acoustic. It is a semi-acoustic with bent sides.



Same body style and construction as 0405. This one has telecaster pickups with a Stratocaster middle pickup.



Super-strat configuration with a nice figured walnut cap and cocobolo accents.



This is my second acoustic design with lots of new and improved features.



This is small bodied, set neck model. Light weight and although a bit on the pointy side, traditionally voiced. Bubinga is the wood featured here.



Custom made pickups and piezo trem in an elegant figured walnut wrapping.



Pretty much the same body style as the one above, but a bit more basic. P90s, hard-tail bridge, ready to rock.



The design and construction of my chile guitar is discussed in quite a bit of detail in the What’s New page. The link will take you there.



This is my first lap steel. The shape and layout are pretty conventional. I spruced it up with a highly figured bird’s eye maple top and gold hardware.



An updated two-tone strat-like object – sounds as good as it looks.



This is my new large body, semi-hollow model. Click on the serial number to read about the details. You can read about the construction in What’s New.



This is a semi-hollow model based upon one of my standard body shapes and features a new sound hole design. Humbuckers, mahogany body with beautiful bubinga cap and accents.



This is my second lap steel. A simple shape inspired by the old Supro lap steels. I jazzed it up with art deco styling.



Here is a tele I made for myself with a variety of leftovers. I like it so much, I want to make more and sell them.



This is a semi-hollow body cousin to 1121. Substitute highly figured maple for bubinga and swap some of the components.



This is my most traditional steel string acoustic. OM size with rosewood back and sides, Englemann spruce top and mahogany neck. It sounds very full and warm.



This is my black and white vision for a traditional OM. Sounds great with a bit more punch compared to 1324.